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A New Chapter

Hey there world! I'm so excited to be starting this new journey! What new journey you may ask? Well, I decided to start a secondary channel on YouTube "At Jules House"! I'm excited to be starting a whole other set of stuff to share via the World Wide Web!! My channel link is over on the left side of my blog here. As far as Pinterest....well, I've been on Pinterest for a while, links on the left too. Just so you know....I do have another YT channel and Blog and FB....but those belong to my crafty side. Yes, I craft and scrapbook and alter different things.....what? don't judge, it's my therapy ok... *wink*. Anyhow, that is something that I've always done and I LOVE it, it's a huge part of my life....but so has being a momma and wifey!! So I'm gonna share that side of me.....the adventures, the pain, the situations and victories will be documented on here!

If you're at all interested in stopping on by to see that side of me, I'll link those places here for ya.... oh and just to mention, my name there is "The Jule Box", which I lovingly named my craft studio

My Crafty YT channel

My Crafty FB page

My Crafty Blog

My Pinterest (which will stay the same, I think I'll just add a board and call it "At Jules House" because seriously, I cannot possibly dedicate another account for this side of me...I have over 100 boards now full of everything I LOVE!!! So, yes, please come on over there and Pin with me!)

Yes I know, I'm a little smorgy of this and that but it wasn't until we moved into our very own home in April 2015 when I was recording ALLLL kinds of events that I thought to myself..."This isn't related to crafting...maybe I should start a new channel and load everything else in there and keep the crafty stuff with my crafty channel and blog and FB!" Sooo.... the new channel and blog, for now, anyhow, I'm excited!

I've got so much to share since we moved in....let's see....starting with a tour of the house, which was the day we got the keys, then there's the decorating and painting and the most footage out of everything???? Recipes! I have recorded so much footage that I filled a 1Therabite of external memory by the 6th month mark! Along with about 5 SD cards I had and couldn't transfer the data anywhere so I bought another external but this time, a 2T external...oh yeah! I'd say that's getting a little serious don't you? lol

Anyways, all that to say that I'll be uploading tons of videos of my life and our journey as we get moved in and eat, and paint and eat, and decorate and eat and garden and....well, we have to eat ya know! I would love to have you stop by my channel and see what I get into. From my experiments of gardening and experiments of my recipes and decor and life changes, it'll all be there and here.

Well, imma gonna go because I've got SOOO much to get done! It feels never ending, which is awesome because I want to share tons with you. Please come over my channel and subscribe and then come back here for pics and additional info, ok!? Thanks world!!

Until the next post which will be about the move-in! I'll see you soon and thanks!

P.S. I have a spanish cooking video on my channel now from a year sister-in law in El Salvador and my cousin in Peru wanted me to share my Chinese Pork Fried I thought, I'll just do a video. I'm thinking maybe to re-do it in English for all you guys. That'll come! Anyhow, just letting you know:)

Embrace your day,

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