Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My empty house tour!

 Hey all,

I mentioned in my 1st post that I moved from Wix. I however did not move out the posts I had there, I figured I'll just add them here so here is another post and video of our house tour.

One of my "Life Events" is when we purchased a little home back in 2016. Back then I was taking a break from YouTube but I decided to just do a quick recording with my cell phone.....not the best quality, I'm sorry, but nonetheless, a video I still wanted to share.

There are many renovations we still want to do to the house including adding a couple of extensions to make the space just how I want it before we retire in like 10-12 years. I hope this is something we can share in the near future. I think one of the reno's we want to do next will be floors and carpeted bedrooms and at the same time I'll be changing the moulding throughout the entire house! I will for sure keep ya'll posted.

Here is the house tour but remember, the video is a little rough so don't judge!

Thanks for stopping by today!

xo, Jules

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